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Design Sprints


Developed at Google, Design Sprints are the most efficient way to ensure you’re quickly solving the biggest product design challenges in your business.

I’ll work with you and your team to identify the highest priority challenge, decide on the best solutions and validate with real users, all in 4 days.

Why do a Design Sprint?
Instead of investing months of time and resources developing a product that may or may not be the right solution for your users, take 4 days and a tested process to remove uncertainty, maximize efficiency and quickly discover if your product or feature is worth building. Design Sprints give you the data to make the best decision on how to move forward.

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What happens
in 4 days?

The Design Sprint is a trusted and structured process that puts you, your team and an expert facilitator (that’s me!) in a room to “work together, alone” for maximum efficiency.

The first two days are spent defining your products top challenge, generating as many solutions as possible and deciding on the solution you want to prototype and test.

How many people should be part of a Design Sprint?
I wanna know
Typically five to seven people give you the best results. Those people should be business, technical and human experts, such as your product, finance, engineering, design and customer disciplines.

Together we’ll create a high-fidelity interactive prototype that’s ready to test on day four, where I’ll facilitate the user tests while the rest of the team captures notes and insights that will validate or invalidate your solution.

Does everyone need to be there the full four days?
Ideally, everyone participates on days one, two and four with day one and two being the priority. If there is an important person who can’t commit to at least the first two days, they can come in for 15 minutes on the first day for an expert interview.

What’s the
exact outcome?

You’ll end the week with two tangible results. First, a user tested prototype that can easily be handed to a designer and engineer/developer to begin building the final product.

Second, a report that recaps the Design Sprint, giving you clear insights and trends from the user tests and next steps guiding you to launch, improve, or pivot.

Who builds the prototype?
Find out
I'll work with your existing design team or, if needed, build it for your team. Either way, you'll have a high fidelity prototype ready to test on the final day.

What happens after
a Design Sprint?

Whether users loved your solution, had mixed feelings about it or had a negative response to it, you now have the data to help you make the best decision on how to move forward.

Sprint 1
Sprint 1
Sprint 2

Either, building the tested solution, running an Iteration Sprint or pivoting towards a product or solution that best solves your business challenges.

What does an Iteration Sprint look like?
Tell me now!
Day one is spent together as a team, reviewing the previous Design Sprint feedback. We’ll iterate on the parts of our existing solutions that didn’t test well so that we can remove any uncertainty. The prototype is refined over day two and three to get it closer to production assets and ready to test with users again by day four.

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To get a feel for doing a Design Sprint, I'll work with you and your team on a small challenge you’re currently facing. In two hours, your team will align on a high priority problem, vote and decide on solutions and end with a clear list of high impact, low effort action items that your team can begin executing in the following days.

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