Design Sprint Principles Workshop - Saturday, Apr 27 1-5PM
Build better solutions, faster through inclusion and design.

A new approach.

With the ever-increasing pace of innovation once useful knowledge quickly becomes obsolete. It’s no longer enough to be “lean,” we need to be effective too.

We need an approach that tackles business challenges by bringing together diverse perspectives and equipping teams to remove unnecessary conversations and bias to quickly build understanding, make better-informed decisions, remove risk and increase efficiency in order to create the most effective solutions and deliver the highest value to customers.

A new approach: inclusion & designed processes

To compete today, organizations need an approach to business challenges grounded in inclusion and designed processes – like ours.

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Develop the most feasible, desirable and viable solutions by bringing diverse perspectives into the product development process, from your team and your customers.

Your team

Including individuals from various disciplines and across company hierarchy helps create diversity of knowledge, shared understanding and the foundation for creative problem-solving.

Your customers

Getting to know your customers, instead of simply knowing about your customers, ensures a deeper understanding of their needs, pain points, and what they truly want.

Designed Processes

noun: processes which have been designed to remove bias and eliminate unnecessary conversations.

Deliver the best solutions by removing bias and eliminating unnecessary conversations within your teams in order to build shared-understanding, make better-informed decisions, mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and focus on delivering the highest value to customers.

Design + Iteration Sprint

The longer you wait to test and therefore learn, the higher the risk you’ll build something your customers don’t actually need or want and end up spending even more time, money and resources re-building. Our core offering, the Design Sprint, helps you clearly define your business challenge, efficiently ideate on solutions, prototype, and test with real users in just two weeks. You gain the insight and data vital to building the right solutions the first time around.
Learn more about the Design Sprint process here.

Lightning Decision Jam

Traditional brainstorming and the back-and-forth of typical meetings are not only inefficient, but rarely lead to results. The Lightning Decision Jam is a 90-minute process designed to quickly align on a high priority problem, decide on solutions and end with clear action items to execute in the following days.

Customer Problem-Framing

Jumping straight to solutions often causes the needs of the customer to go overlooked. In two hours, customer problem-framing helps you define and clarify user pain points, prioritize what problems to focus on first and make sure your solutions are truly customer-centric.

Risky Business Assessment

It's difficult to avoid risk within a project when the understanding of potential risks and why they exist are not brought together and/or documented to create shared understanding. The four-hour Risky Business Assessment helps you identify potential risks, understand why the risks exist and concludes with action steps to remove or mitigate those risks.

Growth Design Dash

Every organization wants to grow, but figuring out what works to spur growth in a cost and time-efficient manner can be difficult. The three-hour Growth Design Dash helps you focus on the core areas of growth – acquisition, activation and retention – and formulate simple, measurable experiments that can be done within four to six weeks to discover how to best drive growth.

It’s not enough to be “lean,” we need a new approach to understanding. An approach grounded in inclusion and designed experiments - like ours.

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Learn more about how we can help your business create more effective solutions, faster.

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We've been there
and we can help

As product designers and business strategists for over 15 years, we know what it’s like to work on a product for months (or even years) only to put it out to the world and have it fail. We also know that lean innovation, though incredibly valuable, doesn't focus on effectiveness. Our approach, through inclusion and designed processes, helps you efficiently build the most effective products and deliver the most value to customers. Here's how.

Designed Process Facilitation

Based on your needs and objectives, we'll help you get the right people in the room and lead them through one or more of the five designed processes described above. Always customized for your organization and specific challenges, to efficiently and effectively reach your goals.

Design + Iteration Sprint

$24K - $32K / Two weeks

Lightning Decision Jam

$1,200 / 90 minutes

Customer Problem-Framing

$1,400 / Two hours

Growth Design Dash

$1,800 / Three hours

Risky Business Assessment

$2,400 / Four hours

Strategy Session

Not sure what you need? During a two-hour strategy session we'll gain a clear understanding of your current business challenges and come away with a custom action plan to move you forward - whether that's working with us or not. It's also a quick, cheap way to find out if you like us :) 

$500 / Two hours

Usability Research

Usability Research gives you first-hand feedback from people using your product. We'll plan and run usability tests that you can observe – in real-time or via video – then organize and analyze the data gathered to help you better understand your customers, prioritize their needs, and be able to deliver the solutions they want and need.

$6K - $9K / Two-three days

note: usability testing is always included in the Design Sprint, this service is best for companies looking to get a baseline understanding of an existing product, especially those who rarely/never do user testing.


Bring multiple teams together to work through their current challenges using any one of the designed processes. In a half or one-day workshop, we’ll facilitate the selected process to help each team build shared understanding, reach a solution to their specific challenge, and experience a new way of working.

$3k - $12k / Half-full day


We'll train your teams to facilitate any of the designed processes and/or usability research to be able to increase efficiency and effectiveness all on your own. All training includes customized decks and reference guides, the option for co-facilitation when you're ready to implement and ongoing coaching as needed.

$5k - $14k / One-two days

Learn more about how we can work together and help your business create better solutions, faster.

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Want to try our approach in action for free? Want to stop having meetings that suck? Let’s Jam! We’ll lead your team through a Lightning Decision Jam to go from challenge to solution in just 90 minutes.

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What people are saying

"He helped us solve a large, ambiguous problem and discover issues within our solution in a week instead of months."

- Jean-Eric Khalife, former Product Owner at Riot Games

Working with Maicol through two Design Sprints has fundamentally changed how we operate and build products.

- Patrick Lu, Co-founder & CEO at Playfull

Jean-Eric Khalife

Former Product Owner at Riot Games

Maicol is the go-to guy for Design Sprints. He helped us solve a large and ambiguous problem and discover issues within our solution in a week instead of months. We were able to pivot and solve it the right way and our users were very happy with our results. I would highly recommend EMsprint for anyone looking to develop the right product quickly.

Patrick Lu

Co-founder & CEO at Playfull

Working with Maicol through two Design Sprints has fundamentally changed how we operate and build products. The process is a good framework for taking a complex environment, where you don't necessarily know what the problems are, and drilling down into what is important now to find good solutions that the team can agree on and have a really big impact. From now on the first part of our product development experience is going to be driven by Design Sprints.

Danny Mendoza

Founder at Together We Rise

When we were looking to identify a new market opportunity, we hired Maicol to help us validate before building. He designed a working prototype, lead user-tests with potential customers and then built out a clear strategy and roadmap for the entire project allowing us to be completely prepared to move forward.

Ford Davis

Product Manager at Assured Certificates

Maicol expertly lead us through 4 days of analysis, prototyping and user testing to refine our product and collect feedback on new design ideas. He helped us get the critical data we needed and translate user frustrations into useful features in order to take our product to the next level.

Want to try our approach in action for free? Want to stop having meetings that suck? Let’s Jam! We’ll lead your team through a Lightning Decision Jam to go from challenge to solution in just 90 minutes.

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Workshops & events

No upcoming workshop & events

We would love to run a workshop for your organization.

Past workshops & events

April 2019
Facilitator | Design Sprint Principles Workshop
Speaker | The Storyteller's Summit (How to prototype your story to test with real people)

March 2019
Panelist & Mentor | LA Service Jam
Facilitator | Design Sprint Bootcamp with Jason LaManque
Panelist | Fireside Chat: Organizational Change through UX

January 2019
Facilitator | Design Sprint Principles Workshop

December 2018
Producer | The Official Design Sprint Bootcamp with John Zeratsky

April 2018
Speaker & Mentor | UCLA Creative Labs Designathon

Our foundation

Design Sprint principles have shaped the way we work with our clients from everyday strategy to organizational change.

The Design Sprint process

Design Sprints give you the insights and data that are vital to learning quickly and building the right solutions for your customers the first time around. This is the foundational process we use at EmSprint because it’s one of the most effective ways we’ve found to solve large, ambiguous business challenges without wasting time, money and resources.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, create alignment in your teams, and maximize efficiency while building the best solutions through Design Sprints.

Work with us

In four days, we’ll turn your ideas into a working prototype and test with real users all while aligning your team, removing uncertainty and saving you time and money.

Day One


The goal of day one is to build a foundational understanding of the problem we’re trying to solve. This is accomplished by bringing diverse perspectives into the same room to define the problem and build as many solutions as possible.

Day Two


On the second day, without discussion and debate, the team will align and decide on the solution(s) to prototype and test. Ending the day with a clear storyboard that will help guide the creation of the prototype.

Day Three


The goal with any prototype is to clearly communicate the chosen solution(s) so that we can test our assumptions. By the end, we’ll have a high-fidelity prototype that’s ready to test with five real users.

Day Four


The final day focuses on gathering data and drawing new insights from the usability tests. The goal is to uncover what parts of the solution(s) worked well and what didn't in order to make a decision on how to proceed.

Iteration Sprint (four days)


An Iteration Sprint is used to iterate on the things that didn't go well with the first weeks' solution(s). The goal is to remove as much risk and build additional confidence in the solution before moving into production.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, create alignment in your teams, and maximize efficiency while building the best solutions through Design Sprints.

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Our team & values

Ideas are easy, execution is everything

It almost doesn’t matter what you know. Translating knowledge into actual results. It’s what you can do with what you know and what you can accomplish.

Teach, not talk at people to work ourselves out of a job

We believe sharing knowledge is more important than protecting IP and that this new approach to work can create better solutions and happier teams. We want to empower as many people as possible to use it.

Passion is a precious resource

We want to help preserve employees passion. When people spend months or even years working on projects nobody ends up wanting, it kills morale and productivity suffers. People leave and team dynamics.

Confront the brutal facts

We’re often held back or unwilling to unlearn old behaviors because we’re scared of failure, but true innovation comes from confronting the brutal facts that we’re often wrong, letting it sting a little and improving upon our mistakes.

Give back to our community

As part of our mission to empower and equip others, we partner with local universities, accelerators and nonprofits so that everyone from students to startups, not just large companies with large resources, can benefit from this work.

Maicol Parker-Chavez

Business Designer & founder of EmSprint

Rachael Parker-Chavez

Project Lead

Steven Chaparro

Design Strategist

David Holl

Product Designer

Devin Fernandez

UX Designer (Intern)
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